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Visions of a parallel world, where humour is never far below the surface…

About The Artist

Paul Jonkers The Artist

Portrait of Paul Jonkers The Artist

Paul Jonkers was born in 1951 in Amsterdam, the youngest of seven children to catholic parents. Paul grew up in the outskirts of Amsterdam, where the quiet streets and hidden pockets of wildlife provided him with a seemingly infinite wonderland. This environment, where buildings and glimpses of distant vistas seemed invested with a strange haunted atmosphere, may be seen interpreted throughout Jonkers’ work.

Paul started drawing while he was still young and by the age of 13 had discovered brushes and gouache, creating the landscapes that echo through much of his work over the years. Jonkers was recognized as a talented artist by a teacher at his school and encouraged to continue. Although Paul began studying academic subjects, including the classics, a year of illness cut that venture short. During this time Paul painted extensively, drawing upon his love of animals, wildlife and landscapes.

After briefly attending art schools in Amsterdam and The Hague, Paul aged 17 found his way to London and eventually to St Martins College of Art & Design.

Upon graduating, painting became a way of life when Jonkers moved to North Wales and the life of a smallholder. Practically living off the land, surrounded by numerous and various animals, an abundance of wildlife and a beautiful ever-changing view of the mountains, Paul was prolific in creating his art. Jonkers now lives in Hampshire, fulfills his passion for studying history and paints full time.

Jonkers’ work has evolved over the years, it’s content reflecting his preoccupations, his love of animals, mythology, the irrelevance of time and the re-interpretation of everyday objects, therefore transforming the ordinary to make the viewing audience see aspects of the world differently.

Paul usually paints in oils using at times an almost miniaturist technique and he painstakingly creates visions of a parallel world, where humour is not far below the surface. Many of Jonkers’ canvases are tiny at 5”x 5” and yet intensely rich in detail. He reveals that this must have come from his childhood when at school paper was scarce and they were given small pieces of paper to draw upon. Paul wanted to put entire worlds into the tiny space. Nowadays, although Jonkers canvases are becoming larger they are still rich in detail, symbolism and surrealist images ranging from the comical to the profound, from the rational to the absurd, at times profane, and from the ambiguous to the poetic.

Jonkers’ style has been described as a “new old master”, indeed he paints in oils with a delicate touch and a faultless technique. Paul admires many varied great artists like Rembrandt and is fascinated by the mix of fantasy and realism conveyed by contemporary visionaries like Bruegel and Bosch.

Jonkers has undertaken many commissioned paintings for private individuals and companies, including a Topiary series. The most memorable commission is a large scale triptych for the Portmeirion Hotel, Wales and the most recent for the Wessex Cancer Trust. He has participated in group exhibitions and sold work through the Portal Gallery, London and Beaux Arts, Bath. Several paintings have been reproduced as limited edition prints and cards.

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